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Dec 5, 2017

Best Moments of the 2017 Grand Prix Season (So Far)

Another year, another Grand Prix of Figure Skating season. Gone are the days in which the top skaters skipped the Grand Prix season with impunity and skaters like Michelle Kwan had to be enticed to just show up with cold, hard cash.  No--these days, even skaters of the topmost echelon are gritting their teeth through injuries, illnesses, and other assorted maladies so that they can tough it out through to qualifying for the Grand Prix Final (or worse, injure themselves trying to do). Correspondingly, national figure skating federations look to the results of the Grand Prix series to help select their Olympic and/or World teams, fans of the sport engage in vociferous debates over the scoring and/or tech panel calling after every single Grand Prix event, and the Japanese Skating Federation glitzes out their perennially sold-out NHK Trophy as if it were a contemporary Super Bowl halftime show with an unlimited budget. Observers of the Grand Prix of Figure Skating live in exciting times indeed.

With the Grand Prix Final coming up soon, let's dispel the dark cloud of injuries and absences hanging over the Grand Prix Final this year and focus on the highlights of the Grand Prix season so far:

Nov 27, 2017

Skate America 2017: Twenty Questions

As the final Grand Prix event (aside from the Grand Prix Final itself, of course) of the 2017 Grand Prix of Figure Skating season, Skate America 2017 in charming Lake Placid, NY proved to be a fitting ending to an unpredictable and generally weird Grand Prix season: withdrawals galore, on-ice injuries, insects lurking about, surprising podium results, system malfunctions . . . never let it be said that figure skating is staid and predictable! For in this brave new world where even Evgenia Medvedeva falters during a competition--there is no certitude, nor peace, nor help for pain . . .

Anyway, here are twenty questions that came to mind during Skate America 2017:

Nov 19, 2017

Recap: Internationaux de France 2017: Ladies

It's so weird not typing "Trophee Eric Bompard" or even "Trophee Lalique" when referring to the annual Grand Prix of figure skating event in France . . .

Anyways, the top ladies at the Internationaux de France generally faltered in the short program, but came back with guns blazing in the long, with multiple perfect seven-triple performances repeatedly thrown down like gauntlets.

Nov 8, 2017

Yuzuru Hanyu "Just Wants to Have a Chill Time" This Season

OSAKA, Japan - Addressing a group of reporters at a press conference held prior to the upcoming Grand Prix of Figure Skating event, the 2017 NHK Trophy, Yuzuru Hanyu told reporters that he "just wants to have a chill time" during the current 2017-2018 figure skating season.

Wearing a baseball cap turned backwards and languidly gesturing with a half-empty can of beer, the Sendai-born figure skater shrugged and said, "life's short, dude. No point in stressing about stuff that's going to happen in the future."